Reads Landing Brewing Company

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to revisit my old college stomping ground, Winona State. While visiting with old friends and sharing our interest in the upcoming beer scene, we decided to trek up the highway to a little hidden gem tucked away on the Mississippi River- Reads Landing Brewing Company.

Reads Landing 2

Reads is tucked down just off Hwy 61 in between the highway and the Mighty Miss. The building is historic and atmosphere inviting. One can immediately notice the two quaint benches perfectly situated out front for prime scenery. The brewpub itself feels open and non-constricting. There is a nice wood bar and several tables for dining. The real strength is the configuration of the few bar stools near the front entrance that allow for a stellar view of the nature outside.

Reads Landing 1

The restaurant has a small line up of dishes and appetizers to sample that are made in the kitchen in the back. My friends and I had already eaten and chose to stick to the beer list. Reads Landing featured four of their own brews on tap, with a rotating selection of 2 guest taps. It was nice to see that Lucid Foto and Lucette Double Dawn on the tap list. Lucid, a local beer out of Minnetonka, and Lucette out of Menominee, WI are both local respected breweries. Reads also features quite a selection of local craft bottles.

I opted to try the Pullman Porter, Reads Landing version of a Mocha Porter on Nitro. I was pleasantly delighted. It was a smooth approachable porter that wasn’t too heavy on the palate but still had great flavor. The coffee taste was distinct but not overpowering and lingered at the finish. Also on the tap list was a cream ale, a brown ale, and a dunkelweizen. My friends tried the cream ale and brown ale respectively, and appeared delighted.

The bartender, who I believe was one of the owners, was friendly and approachable. I was pleasantly surprised to see that the place had a steady flow of patrons even on a Sunday afternoon.

Reads Landing 3

For more information on Reads Landing, check out the website.


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