Cinnamon Roll Ale at Moosejaw Pizza and Brewing

Moosejaw 3

While out and about this weekend, I also made a stop at one of my favorite places in the Dells area- Moosejaw Pizza and Brewing Company in Lake Delton, WI. I was delighted to see that the beer list was long as usual with definite changes on it.

Moosejaw 1

I am a fan of beers with a lot of flavor and unique character that show a little risk taking. Immediately, I saw the Cinnamon Roll Ale listed on the menu and went for it.

Moosejaw 2

I was not disappointed. It was breakfast in a glass. After further inquiring, I learned that the brewer had acquired some non-kitchen grade cinnamon, which of course is code for potent. He explained that is similar to what distillers use for cinnamon whiskeys and schnapps but rarely has it been used in beer brewing. The unlikely combination worked well and brought out a strong biscuit flavor with a kick of cinnamon. If you like breakfast, and you like beer, this is one of those you should probably try.

View the Moosejaw website at


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